17 April, 2012

Blogging, Take One...

Okay... I'm doin' it.... It's been a long and agonizing two years, and I have been silent for far too long. It feels as though I am almost out of practice! With the death of Myspace, and Facebook not quite as "blogger" friendly (IMO), I've had to find a new outlet.... Well not really, I've just kept my mouth shut for a long time and I see people with some AWESOME blogs, and I WANT ONE!!

So, what am I going to ramble about? Whatever I want, IT'S MY BLOG!!! :)

No really, I think it's time to share some experiences, do a bit of ranting, updates on life, and some general commentary on some goings on in the world... I know, aren't you all excited??

I'm finding through my job(s) that  many people have gone through the same things I have (imagine that), and if somehow I can share my hope, strength, and experience, and give someone a little peace of mind, then so be it! :)

Anyways, this is just the start of what I hope is a long journey, and if you hate it, well, then at least it was an emotional outlet for me, and that's all that really matters! :)



  1. Welcome to blogging!! I love having a place I can release all the thoughts running through my head, ha! :)

    1. Thank you Renee... I used to blog every now and then on Myspace. My mental health was a lot better then. I can't afford therapy, so back to blogging I go! :p