18 April, 2012

Sh*t My Daughter Says....

Okay, so maybe that's not the most appropriate title for this blog, but it is most definitely a direct reference to the website/book (maybe it's both now, I don't know) "Sh*t My Dad Says".

Anyways, if you know my daughter, you know that she has this uncanny ability to whip out some oneliners at the most opportune of times. For example:

We are riding in the car this morning. A song comes on the radio. She says "Mom, who is this"? (My daughter has excellent taste in music, just for everyone's information.)  I say to her "This is Black Sabbath. This is the band that Ozzy Osbourne sang with before he became just Ozzy". So we proceed to give it a listen for a few seconds and she says "Oh, so Ozzy Osbourne sang with Black Sabbath before he sang by himself?" I explain that yes he did, and that Ozzy sings the song "See You On The Other Side", and to remember that I want this song played at my funeral. She says "Okay Mom", and proceeds to listen to her music.

A few minutes later she looks over at me and says "MOM, I WANT AC/DC PLAYED AT MY FUNERAL!!"

Yes, my child, I have taught you well. Now if I could just teach you not to argue every little point.......


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