28 June, 2012

Mommy's Log: Summer, Day One, 20120628

Summer, it begins, finally!!

So, finally, I have recooped enough after being violently ill this weekend to actually GET UP, and STAY UP. That means that SUMMER BEGINS TODAY! (Er, well, it does for ME at least). 

Gracie's dad and I have our Summer split in such a way that he has her one week, and I have her the next. I suppose it's good because she gets to have some continuous time with him that he doesn't get throughout the school year, and I get an opportunity to work and take care of things that I usually don't get to do because I'm worrying about childcare. However, it ROYALLY sucks because I REALLY miss her being gone for a whole week!

That being said, I am fortunate enough to have a job where I can take two days out of the week and spend them with Grace - which is GREAT for us, because we really get to have some one on one mommy and daughter time. It really makes up for the time throughout the school year when we are battling over school, homework, getting to bed on time, learning the spelling words... etc....

The Day Begins.....

...... at the bank. Of course, a quick trip to the ATM for some cash before we venture on to our first stop. As we are sitting at the ATM, Grace looks over and asks about the wreck we were involved in back in February. She then mentions that her back is hurting (something she never mentions otherwise), and looks over at me matter of factly while arching her back and says "Mom, I really think I need a deep tissue massage". REALLY GRACE? You'd just have to know her. Personally, I would LOVE a deep tissue massage myself. It's on my list, right next to that trip to Fiji I want. Cash in hand, we proceed to our first "real" stop, which in all it's redneck glory should surprise none of my Rebel family:

If you know me, this doesn't surprise you.

Come on, it's Waffle House. WHO can possibly turn down all that fattening greasy-ness served by waitresses who are missing one or more teeth, and cooked by guys who are clearly just trying to finish out their probation without anymore violations. 

Grace has been going to Waffle House since she was pretty much old enough to eat solid food.  And for a while there, all we had to do was walk in the door and they knew exactly what to throw on the griddle for us. Grace tells me that her dad's new girlfriend won't let them eat at Waffle House because it's "dirty"... I don't know if that's true, but isn't that the whole point? I mean, none of us go to Waffle House for it's 5 star qualities, and it's true that it's usually 3 am and too much alcohol has been involved, but over the years I have learned that Waffle House food is great when you are sober too - and Grace LOVES it! So, I'm all in!

One large chocolate milk....

Post Waffle, well done bacon, and mommy's hashbrowns that were:
scattered, smothered, covered, topped, capped, and peppered on the side
  - and we are ALL smiles!

Mom, Let's See If We Can See Toddy's Car!

My Husband works for a local surgical center, so since it was on the way, Grace asked to see if we could see if my Husband was still at work. Okay, I NEVER turn down an opportunity to see my Husband. Just as we pulled into the parking  lot, we ran smack dab into him! My munchkin has perfect timing!
Grace and Toddy, her "Bonus Dad"

The hubby and I.

My little family.
As I look at these photos, I can't help but think to myself that drugs they put you to sleep with must be REALLY good, because quite frankly I'd be terrified if that was last thing I saw before I went under.... Anyways... I digress......

After quick hugs and kisses, we were on our way and planning to visit some folks we know who own a pet shop close to the surgical center. However they were closed so we were not able to visit the baby skunks Grace wanted to see. 

Library Time!

Our beautiful local library
Put it this way, Grace could have spent ALL day in there. We looked at SO many books.

I find it SO interesting to see her going through the books because she remembers EVERY book ANY of her teachers have ever read in class, or SHE has read in class. I have to tell you, elementary school reading lists have GREATLY improved since I was there!

So we looked at books, movies, I taught her how to use the computerized library catalog, signed her up for the summer reading program, and looked at all the FREE activities our library is offering this summer - WOW!

Yeah, I know, but you might as well be comfy if you are going to take in all those books!

A SMALL sampling of the books available in the reading room.

Grace and I in the Reading Room.
So, this leads me to my "spooky" story of the day......

My father died 11 years ago this year. Poof, suddenly he was gone. TODAY, June 28th, is his birthday, he would have been 69 years young. While I was growing up, my father raced motocross, along with my brother. Dad raced under the number "56", the age his father was when he passed. It was his silent homage to the late, great, Herman Holloway. My brother raced under "156", a variation of our family number. 

My father passed at the age of 58. I chose to stay with the family number of 56, and had it tattooed on me to commemorate him - because, GOD KNOWS, I was forbidden to race ANYTHING! :) My brother chose to change the family number to "58" to commemorate the passing of our father, William Herman Holloway. In turn, he carries the tattoo of the number "58". 

When I was pregnant with Grace, her dad and I took a trip to Savannah. While there we visited a psychic just for fun. I always think it's neat to see what these people come up with. She knew my father was dead. She said he came to me in the color white. NO, she didn't whip out any numbers, but I didn't really expect her to.

Over the last decade, little things pop up here and there that make you certain Daddy is somewhere watching over us, or giving us his version of a wave from wherever he is. Today shocked me. 

I registered Grace for her Summer Reading Marathon Program at the library. All the kids are given their "race" number, just like real marathon runners would tape to their bodies. I caught my breath when she handed Grace her number. My father was an AVID reader, and he would love knowing that the little redheaded grandchild he never got to meet shared that interest with him. I'll just let the picture speak for itself:

Hi Daddy! We Miss You!

Darlin' and Lou Lou catch up with us!

At this point we were joined by my mother and my niece. All four of us girls together is always a good time. They wanted to eat, and sure, why not, I don't turn down good food. We picked up my famished hubby who had just made it home from a fully day of surgery, and drug him with us..... at least someone could take the photos. 

We ended the day with some good food at a local Irish restaurant, and I shall end this blog by sharing some pics of an impromptu lunch/birthday bash for Bill Holloway. Slainte!

We all took a sip of a "Cold Hiney", my dad's favorite.

Grace and Lou Lou.

My mommy and I.

"This is for you William!"

Mom and Lou. This is probably my FAVORITE photo, ever!

The four of us, with the Heinekin. Dad, you're here with us in spirit buddy,
but we'd much prefer you'd been here in person.

Maryellen XOXO


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