26 June, 2012

What to do with the kid for summer break.....


So, for the FIRST time since becoming a mother I am researching what to do with my little one for the summer. WHO KNEW BEING A MOM WAS SUCH WORK? Seriously, "how did the little pioneer children survive" without their parents having access to Google and Pinterest? (And for the record, that quote is a direct quote from my favorite attorney, I just love it and found it appropriate here.)
So, I'm looking around and so far I have found some really good coupons, some really interesting science experiements because my kid LOVES science, and am considering some close to home vacations.
As we all know, money isn't growing on trees for a lot of us lately. I want to give Grace the full summer experience, but of course, we've got to make the rent, and electric also! So I've been looking into some economical ways for us to REALLY get some enjoyment out of things.
Here's what I have come up with thus far:
1.) Valpak (that annoying package of coupons that comes in the mail) had a coupon B1G1 to see Winter, the dolphin made famous a certain movie - AND a movie in which my BFF played an extra!!  Adult admission is $19.95, and kids my daughter's age get in for $14.95. SCORE! Grace and I are going to take a day and go see this amazing little guy - and I especially hope to get to see those pelicans that attacked Ashley Judd!
2.) Bowling - We have a bowling alley up here that lets kids bowl for free with registration. As soon as I find my coupon, I'll be registering. However, I think that's been misplaced with a massive cleaning spree orchestrated by my wonderful husband.
3.) LIBRARY TIME! - By far, this is our go to for the kids. We live right around the corner from the library, so a run there once a week won't be a bad deal. Plus, like other libraries, our library has lots of things for kids to do during the summer - although, I would like to point out - THEIR HOURS SUCK.
4.) New Port Richey Recreation and Aquatic Center - Given that we live directly across the street from them, it would be a shame not to utilize their services a few times this summer. They have a GREAT slide over there that is HUGE! Plus, when Todd and I get tired of baking, we go get in the kiddie pool and relax in the shaded part of it which is just deep enough for adults to submurge and hang out under one of those sprinkly Palm Tree things that are entertaining for three year olds.
5.) BAKING. Maybe this would be a good time to whip out some of those books on cake pops I got from Grace's book fair at school this year. However, it should be interesting, because I don't have the child that picks something easy to start with. NOPE, in true "I am my mother's daughter" fashion, she will go for the complicated cupcake Chinese Dragon right out of the gate.
6.) ARTS AND CRAFTS - Okay, nothing keeps kids entertained better than painting, drawing, coloring, etc.... PLUS, it's great therapy for me. I see some decorated flower pots, some friendship bracelets, and some wood crafts before the summer is out.
7.) Not so far from home vacations - I've been checking out a few places here and there. I'm keeping these under wraps for the time being until I decide which way I wanna go.
8.) SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS! I found an awesome website: www.sciencebob.com. It looks like we will be checking out some of their ideas there. Grace LOVES science. I think this will be both entertaining and educational at the same time.
9.) ONE BIG SURPRISE - yeah, this one is DEFINITELY a secret. She won't know this one until we pull into the parking lot. :)
So, I think that this summer should be packed with stuff to do - hopefully we can start it by visiting the library on Thursday. PLEASE dear LORD, let me feel better by then. I have a whole two more days to get to feeling better. And being sick, DEFINITELY shot this weekend in the foot.
Hopefully this will give you guys some ideas for the summer too, in case you were feeling stumped. I have found that Pinterest is a WEALTH of information on EVERYTHING - including what to do with kids for the summer! Gone are the days where parents just put your butt outside all day and told you to come in for lunch and dinner. BUT, the up side to that is Grace and I will get LOTS of quality time together! :)
We are going to try and post some blogs about our adventures this summer to let you know how it goes!


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