21 August, 2012

Stuff Grace Says: "Ohana Means Family"

So, tonight the hubby and I ran to Publix to pick up dinner. I swear Publix makes the BEST Mardi Gras chicken wings ever! They are a little spicy, but I love spicy, so it's all good. I was also able to pick up some good coupons and a few more flyers and coupon books so it was a WIN WIN for the shopping trip!

As luck would have it, my car wouldn't start. Grace and I were involved in an accident in February of this year, and my car has been one frustrating downhill mess after another. My poor hubby finally went and called his mother to ask her if she would take Grace and I home and Todd would follow as soon as we figured out the car's most recent issue.

Todd returned to the car and told us his plan to get us home and take care of the car. Grace immediately pops up and says "I'm not leaving you Toddy". Todd assured her that he would be home just as soon as he could, but Grace wasn't having it. "Todd, Ohana means family, and that means nobody gets left behind, so I'm not leaving you".

I gotta give it to my kid. Apparently I suck at pounding those math skills into her little brain, but I have successfully taught her what it means to be a family, and that family doesn't just mean blood - and she takes it seriously. I couldn't be happier, or more proud of her, that she has taken this to heart. My immediate family is extremely close - and I'm happy that she is carrying on this family tradition.

On that note, I shall finish Teen Mom and hit the bed. It's going to be a long week this week with work and preparing to move! YAY!

Goodnight all!



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