22 October, 2012

REVIEW: Chicken Fettuccine Carbonara

And here we go again on the venture to find something new to cook - and then tell you good folks how it turned out.

Tonight I went for Chicken. Again, how many different ways can you cook it? We don't have a grill (I know, my husband cries over this every now and again), he doesn't like it baked, I didn't want it pan fried, and I couldn't convince myself to do something in the crockpot - again.

So, back to Pinterest we go.....

I made something similar to this a while ago. Of course, I can't find the recipe. So, EVERYTHING is on Pinterest. One simple search later, and I've got a dozen different variation of Chicken Carbonara. Once I found a pretty picture, I decided I would go for it.

It's more complicated than the ribs, but not so complicated that you don't want to fool with it. The hubby loved it. I loved it. My niece loved it. It was most definitely a winner and we will be making it again.

Photo courtesy of Redneck Recipes
Cook your pasta. At the same time cook your bacon, spoon it out. Cook mushrooms, garlic, and onions, spoon out. Cut up chicken and cook. Pour veggies back in, add cream. Plate pasta, cover with chicken and veggies, top with grated parm and bacon. Serve!

* I did not add the frozen peas.
* I did not add the tomatoes.
* We added green onion to ours as a garnish on the top.

** I also made a bit of a roux with flour and water to thicken the sauce a bit.

This is a really nice meal because it only uses two pots/pans. I like that - less clean up. It also does great as a one item meal. It's like having spaghetti - but better!

If I had ANY complaints, I would have liked a little more sauce. You could probably just add a little extra cream, and then thicken a little more. This recipe only calls for a cup of it and between all the bacon, chicken, and garlic, the cream takes on a dark color and tastes fabulous.

If you are looking for something simply, and FAIRLY quick, I would definitely say this one is a winner!

Original recipe found HERE !!

Happy cooking!



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