13 March, 2013

SAHM... maybe????

We are currently debating on me becoming a Stay At Home Mom.... No, really, you read that right.... ME... a Stay At HOME Mom..... I know, I know... It's something that I never thought I'd say either....

This is something we have been tossing around since last year. I have run the numbers, and run the numbers, changed the numbers, ran the numbers, thrown in as many "what if's" as I can, ran the numbers again, then run them some more. I gotta be honest.... I'm scared to DEATH! (And I think I'm on my Husband's nerves with "the numbers" too!)

I have worked since I was 15 years old. I went to college. How do I possibly NOT work?!?!?!?!

I've never honestly been one to be "domesticated". Up until the last couple of years you wouldn't catch me cooking, cleaning, budgeting, couponing, shopping for the best deals, and then blogging about all of it. I'm fairly certain my mother has sat many a night wondering where she went wrong because my mother is SUPER MOM/SUPER WIFE.... and I'm totally not, er, maybe I'm just a REALLY late bloomer.

All that said, there have been some things that have come up that require more attention - mainly our daughter. This is the first year she has REALLY REALLY struggled in school, and me having more availability to drop in at school, etc, not to mention taking her TO school and picking her UP from school, and having an early start on homework, might really help her in this area.

This raises the other argument... What about all the people who can't afford for one of their parents to stay home? At what point do you say "Ok, I'll quit", or do you just say "No, I have to work, I want to work, and you have to deal"? I don't know... It's a subject I go back and forth on daily, sometimes hourly.

The other issue is the obvious... losing my meager income. Of course, my Husband makes a decent living, and my income is the bonus that gives the little cushion each month. Losing my income means just that... no more money. Of course I will save on things like gas, and eating lunch at work, and buying work clothes, etc. So there's some pros and cons there.

The OTHER obvious is all the things I can get done while my family is at work/school. I've battled on this too... My daughter is in school all day. Why CAN'T I work? Being at home would mean more time to get the laundry and housecleaning done. Being able to THOROUGHLY plan out the menu and do the shopping. No more cleaning at night, no more cleaning on weekends, no more half day grocery shopping trips - and I'd have plenty of time to coupon... I could do it all and have the evenings and weekends with my daughter and Husband. WINNING!!

I've been trying to think of a way that we could accomplish this and I could feel comfortable (not guilty) about moving forward with this. This week I ran across a blog called Blissful and Domestic. I think the sky split and the angels sang. Finally!!! I found someone who was straightforward, and had some good solid ideas that were totally practical for my family.

This crazy lady feeds her family of four on a budget of $14k. No, really.... She does. NOW, you have to figure in that they own their home free and clear. They also do not have any car payments. She shops ONCE A MONTH. And she makes a lot of the things we buy and pay good money for - like bread and buns, etc (I've always wanted to try making bread!).

We could do it, I know we could. I hope we can... Maybe??? I don't know.

SO, to quell my fears, before we decide whether to jump or not jump, we've decided to implement some of her strategies. I have a potential EOS date for myself, which is the date I would like to STOP working if it turns out I can. BUT, I'm also fully prepared to extend that date, or scrap this idea all together. On top of it all, I can't kick that guilt feeling for not working. ::sigh::

I have also debated on working from home, or looking for something I could do to make a little on the side... There are so many good ideas out there!

I invite you to tag along with me as I implement her strategies in preparation of going to one income, and in the alternative, if I don't stop working, to watch us learn how to save even MORE money every month.

Keep your fingers crossed!

All my best,



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