21 April, 2013

Frugal Mom Strikes Again.... Church Dresses and More!

I'd like to accept responsibility for this weekends awesome finds, but I can't. I'd also like to think that some of this shopping savvy is rubbing off on my little one - but I think we'll have to see if the training sticks!

This weekend I was finally able to visit another thrift shop near my house. I've only been trying to go for like a month - and every time they are closed. However, I made it there this weekend and I was actually very surprised! The store is operated by a church and the proceeds from their sales go to help with "smiles" for those in need. So, I get to save money, and help people who need dental care. That just makes me feel warm and fuzzy all the way around.

I ALMOST bought another bread machine - ALMOST. A lady my husband works with said Breadman is the best - and this wasn't a Breadman, but it appeared to be in excellent condition. My thought process was to have a second machine so I could make two different loaves at once. BUT, as must as I love making the bread, I'm not doing it every day, so perhaps we can survive on one until I learn to make a few more varieties. THEN I will probably buy a second one. I can ALWAYS find them at the Salvation Army and now THIS store so it doesn't appear there will be a shortage when I get ready for one.

While in this store my daughter called me over to a rack of dresses.... No, really, dresses. GASP! EVERY once in a while she wants to wear a dress, but she was insistent on trying on two she picked out. I always indulge my daughter in these things. I think it's important that as her mom I let her find and express who she's going to be (within reason of course), and I always said when she was ready to be a girl she would.... Thank you beginning puberty.

We went to the bathroom, she tried them on. She made sure they were long enough, not cut too low, bent over to make sure they didn't embarrass her by gaping open at the chest, turned to the side to make sure they didn't make her look heavy (I didn't teach her that last part - but I'd like to beat the people who did), and decided that she had to have them. HOW could I EVER say no.....

We scored each of these dresses for $3.00. Thank you, thank you very much. Now, I just need shoes.... Knowing her, she'll want heels. No worries though, I'm not doing heels at 9.....

While digging through the racks and stacks, we also found a pair of tennis shoes! Of COURSE the kids has hit a growth spurt, and I found the perfect pair for her to play in the yard with. I'm sorry, but I HATE buying brand new tennis shoes - and then seeing them filthy within a week. It breaks my heart.

SO, I found THESE:

Total for my shopping trip?? $8.56!!! Two dresses in PERFECT condition, and a pair of tennis shoes that if they get ruined, it won't break my heart or my bank! I could get used to this!

Friday night I also scored with a couple of items I've been needing for quite some time.... A new coffee pot and an iron. I wanted a nice coffee pot, but just never got around to shopping for one - thank goodness I saw this one! It hasn't been cleaned yet, but I'm hoping everything is in working order when I get it cleaned and ready to go.

As far as the iron... Let's just say that I've been looking down at my clothing going "WHAT was I thinking!" And those raised eyebrow looks from my mom aren't helping either.....

And finally, I need new plates! I found some I like, and after a vote on my facebook, I've decided that if they are still there this week, I will pick them up. Let me know your thoughts! I LOVE vintage stuff, and these definitely look vintage - or as my daughter said "MOM, those look like 1965!!!"

Okay, that's my shopping excursion for the weekend! I would call this an overall success!

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  1. You are are very good writer. I wish you wrote more.

  2. Awe! Thank you! I'm planning to start blogging more regularly!