16 June, 2013

Gardening In Our Neck Of The City.....

It seems like every year of our marriage (all two and a half of them) my husband and I get into something new:

Year One: We were into reptiles.

Year Two: We were into paracord.

To Date: We are into gardening and frugal living - suburban style.

I'm finding that there are so many ENJOYABLE ways to cut costs and have quality family time. Being frugal no longer means being miserable and solely shopping at Goodwill. Though there is nothing wrong with solely shopping there, but I think a lot of people still think that you have to cut your cable and buy only second hand to live that way.

As I get deeper and deeper into this whole frugal living "craze", and maybe it's my age and some maturity (GASP!) sneaking in there too, I find that most of the things we take for granted really ARE luxuries. For instance, I walk into a mall now and I'm SHOCKED at what we pay for clothing. I am currently in need of some work appropriate clothing, but I REFUSE to shop at the mall for them - unless it's clearance. I have discovered that we have a FABULOUS second hand store here called Clothes Mentor that has all the name brand, high end stuff I could EVER want at some FANTASTIC prices.

I also stalk the Facebook groups that are local to my area. These are basically an ongoing online garage sale where people display items and negotiate prices. See my post HERE on how I scored brand new in the box Air Jordans for my baby girl for WAY below retail just a couple of months ago.

Last month I was able to purchase two beautiful Coach bags from a friend of mine for about $100.00. If you know anything about Coach, that's a STEAL! She was down sizing her collection and posted her bags on one of the Facebook groups. SCORE! SEE! Being frugal doesn't mean just shopping at Goodwill. Sometimes you have to be patient and seek out the deals. Voila! I've got my second Coach, and my daughter gets a Coach bag as well.

I have not geared up into couponing mode again as of yet. I AM however religiously buying my newspapers and getting my stock of coupon flyers built back up. Couponing takes a time investment (at least at the level I do it) that I don't have right now. SOON though, SOON! I will yet again be that annoying lady in front of you that has the stack of coupons and holds up the line forever. Until I get back into couponing mode, I will simply have to be satisfied with crying each and every time the cashier rings up my groceries - like this morning.

Okay, so on to what this post is really about:

The hubby and I decided that we should grow some veggies. We fully intended to it on a very small scale just to see how things went. Then again, we NEVER wind up doing ANYTHING on a small scale. So, needless to say, we have a yard full of all sorts of things, with plans for much much more depending on how the season goes.

We have grown flowers, vegetables, super hot peppers, and anything else we can get our hands on.

My husband has really gotten into the super hot peppers. By hot, I mean things that make jalapenos feel like you are eating a grape. Hot peppers are measured on what is called the Scoville Scale. A jalapeno rates about 3,500 units on the scale. We have peppers that are anywhere from one to two million. NO. I am not eating them. Ever. But I AM tempted to make some ridiculously hot salsa.

If you watch The Food Network the rage has been the Ghost Pepper. I've got some limited knowledge on the subject, but while the Ghost is still ungodly hot, there are several that have surpassed the heat of this pepper.

Here's a shot of some of my hubby's peppers:

I was able to harvest some of the peppers the other day and I am REALLY excited to find some recipes to use them in.

I am ANXIOUSLY waiting for my tomatoes and bell peppers to get a little bigger. I've already been looking for canning recipes. Homemade salsa and spaghetti sauce sounds GREAT!

I am ALSO anxiously waiting for my chickens to start laying. I can't wait for fresh brown eggs. Come on little guys, just a couple more months!

So that's my intro on our garden. I hope to have lots more updates for you as we go through the summer!post signature


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