21 September, 2013

Gearing Up For Fall, and Removing Tree Sap From Dog Fur... All In One Day!

Well, it's been quite some time since I was able to blog. Here's the short recap here at Eat, Love, Live.... Repeat... I finally quit working sometime in July. Can I just tell you how AH-MAZING it was to have all that quality time with my daughter? That being said, I guess it's obvious that we made the jump to a one income household - for like a month.

We took a family trip to Washington, DC in August. Our first family trip in the three years we have been a family. We had a wonderful time visiting the museums and monuments. I'll have to put together a blog about our trip and what we did to save costs, which wound up being not a whole lot. We did get a lot of good ideas on what to do for next time - and what not to do again!

The three of us being goofy at the White House
Now that we are midway through September, the baby has gone back to school, and I've started a new job working from home which I absolutely love. We're all adjusting to our new schedule one painful step at a time. Being home is a brand new thing for me, so I'm having to learn how to clean and take care of the house while I'm there - and work, but still make dinner, etc, etc. Multitasking has NEVER been my forte.

So, now that fall is upon us, we are seeing an ever so slight change in the weather here in Florida. That means it is still bloody hot, but now we are all suffering the affects of fall allergies. Oh Joy. I have braved the current 80 degree and humid weather at 8:14 p.m. EST, to turn off my air and open my windows. I'm desperate for it to cool off, so for now I'll just pretend it's cool out and try to save on my SUPER COLOSSAL electric bill I've been getting for the last three months. Seriously, I cry or resist the urge to drink myself into a drunken stupor every time I see the bill from our local electric company.

This morning the hubby and I let the dogs out for a romp in the backyard. My youngest furbaby thinks it's fun to pull the bark of the pine trees in the backyard. He came in looking like this:

Yes, I know. He's cute, and he looks like if I gave him a feather he could fly away in with those ears. However, that's not just dirt on his adorable little face. That's pine sap. Crusty pine sap coated in dirt all over his beautiful white and blue fur. Needless to say, I found myself googling how to remove pine tree sap before we even made it to lunch. Note to all you folks reading this: cooking oil spray, peanut butter, or alcohol.

This adorable little face became super unhappy once I sprayed him with cooking oil a few times and proceeded to scrub him with a paper towel. For the record, he is now back to his sweet, gorgeous blue and white self.

The hubby and I proceeded to run a few errands later in the day and wound up at one of our local do it yourself hardware stores. We started planning our fall garden while we were there and came home with a slew of seeds. There ARE advantages to living in Florida that go beyond the beach. One of them is a very long growing season! Here's our seed haul below:

This is only the beginning because I stood at the seed rack googling what to grow in Florida in the fall. I intend to do a little more indepth research and pick up a few more things before we get started with planting.

Here's a really terrible photo of the herbs I'll be growing this fall. I decided on more basil and parsley. Apparently we are amazing basil growers. I've decided to scrap my current basil plants and start over. With all the heat and rain we've had this summer, my current basil forest is seriously burnt and tired. A new start will be good for my fall cooking recipes. Not to mention, most of my recipes call for parsley, and I'm very much over buying a whole cluster of parsley to use a few sprigs.

I pretty much call this photo proof of my Southern heritage. Collards, cabbage, squash, spinach, and pickling cucumbers. I have an aunt that can put anything in a pot and can it, and it always comes out amazing. I actually found a jar of pickled okra that my dad hid from me in my mom's cabinet several years after he died. It's a personal goal to learn to can before the year is over.

I also opted to try my hand at a bean patch this fall. You'll see me scouring Pinterest later to learn how to grow them. I've selected some Kentucky Blues, Pole Beans, and Snow Peas. This should be an interesting experience. I've done some reading on blanching and freezing this summer. I'm looking forward to pulling out a bag of my own beans and putting those in some water and bacon grease and having a big bowl of them to munch on!

Comment away if you have any suggestions, or if you're also planning your fall garden. I love comments!
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