About Me....

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Hi! I'm Mary Ellen!

Self portrait.... This is me.

I think the 80's produced some of the most amazing music ever - especially music made by the band THIS guy fronts:

Like the most amazing moment ever - meeting VINCE NEIL of MOTLEY CRUE!
ROCK ON!!!!!
I'm a mother to one soon to be tween little girl who keeps my life busy and interesting.......

Grace and her idol, Dennis Anderson, the driver of Grave Digger
And I'm married to THIS guy, who ALSO keeps my life busy and interesting......

This is essentially the story of my mid thirties... Oh crap, did I REALLY just write that? Am I REALLY old enough for it to be true? Hardly seems possible! Anyway, I digress, this is my (our) journey on this funny thing called life. Feel free to hop on and join us in our laughs, joys, and successes!

I'll be sharing with you the things I've learned along the way, and hopefully it can help you along your journey too. This adventure has been a LOOOOOOG time coming, and I'm excited to see all of our hardwork come to fruition!

Contact me at: eatloveliverepeat@gmail.com
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